Duty of Care

Under current legislation, employers have a duty of care to protect their workforce and the environment from any harmful dusts and fumes from substances used directly in their work activities or generated from their production processes


The COSHH regulations require that all LEV systems are subject to an initial appraisal. They also require LEV systems to undertake a Thorough Examination and Testing Schedule every 14 months – more frequently for some substances and processes.

LEV Testing

All LEV systems must be tested regularly in line with the HSE guideline document HSG 258 and to conform to the current COSHH regulations by competent, experienced engineers.

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industraial LEV testing and LEV sparesLEV Testing Services

All tests carried out by competent accredited engineers and fully compliant with COSHH regulations and HSG 258.

Duscovent Engineering Limited are specialists in LEV testing, service and dust and fume control.
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LEV Spares

An extensive range of LEV spares are available including filter bags, sleeves, cartridges, polythene collection sacks, pulse controllers and valves, door seals, hinges and handles, shaker motors and linkages, air flow indicators.

LEV Maintenance

Service and maintenance schedules can be implemented for each LEV system, tailored to suit their individual needs. Contact us today to see how we can maintain your LEV systems with a cost-effective maintenance package.

System Design

Duscovent Engineering Limited are specialists in dust and fume extraction and have the expertise and capability to assess the clients’ requirements and then design, supply, install, commission, test and maintain such systems.

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